Behind the Screens

Who is Wifi Designed anyway and what's all this babble about pixels and digital waves?


Designing Your Digital Wave

At Wifi Designed, we're all about creating websites that not only look great but really connect with your audience. We believe in making the web a more beautiful place, one pixel at a time. Our passion is helping you and your business shine online, giving your brand its own unique voice in this crazy digital world. We're here to make your site stand out, grab attention, and truly reflect what you're all about.

Founder & Owner

Hi, my name is Parisa and I'm the owner and founder of Wifi Designed.  I've always had an undeniable independent and rebellious spirit, hating everything about tradition, rules and social norms and that's why I decided to start my own business.

Age Age 21-26

I started my entrepreneurial journey as a hairstylist in the beauty industry. I always had a love for creativity and making my clients look and feel good. While doing hair I continued my education towards a bachelor degree in IO Psychology, the scientific study of human behavior in the workplace.

Age 26-30

My independent spirit lead me to joining the military at age 26 and serving for 4 years with the United States Air Force in the field of cable and antenna systems. My job was providing command and control capabilities through installation, maintenance, fault isolation, and reconstitution of fixed cable and wireless distribution systems, local area networks (LAN), and wide area networks (WAN) in support of tactical and strategic operations. Most people are surprised to know that my job entailed running heavy equipment, climbing towers and maintaining systems. But I assure you, at heart, I've always been a tomboy and love to get my hands dirty (plus the adrenilinne rush of climbing 100ft towers).

Age 26-30 Continued

In the fall of 2021, I decided to continue my education even further with a master's degree in IO psychology. During the first semester, Derek decided to start his own business in metal home decor, and I fully supported it. Now looking back, being full time in a master's program and starting a business.... not a good idea. But you live and learn I suppose. The preceding 2 years were from literal hell. I made it through my semester in good standing, but my eyes were opened to the freedom of running a business while watching Derek build. I chose to jump on board with him and scale the metal home decor business. This led to a lot of mistakes, hiring people who screwed us over, steel supplies being nonexistent during covid, unhappy customers, overnight shifts at the shop to make our own signs, working out of a friend's garage to pack signs because we couldn't afford our own shop and ultimately shutting down because of pure exhaustion.

Now Age 31

The beauty in everything is that I discovered how much I loved building websites. I helped a few friends out and charged a few hundred dollars for websites. After I got my first two clients, I got my first referral from Facebook. I decided i was going to go all in. I bought my domain, built my own website and put together packages and services. The rest is history.

I now live in Arizona with my boyfriend in our gorgeous apartment, I work most days that end in "y", and I couldn't be happier, building and scaling my own business.

<3 Parisa Parsakalleh